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Fuel dispenser Controller Transactor ® PRO-450 polls all the pumps at once makes it the faster dispenser controller.

  • Advance lightning protection system.
  • Control up to 12 fuel dispensers or 24 points of sale.
  • Compatible with most fuel dispenser manufactures.
  • Battery backup system. Full operation up to 4 hrs. during power out conditions
  • Power supply balancer ensure to bring the right voltages needed and optimized battery performance.
  • 100% electrically floating architecture with total electric and galvanic Isolation.
  • Fully Modular build for your needs from 1 dispenser up to 12 dispensers with our multi-brand OmniBrand ®


  • 100% Firmware based for reliability and long-term stability
  • Up to 12 dispensers and 4 independent Points of Sale
  • Parallel processing on all channels, up to 19 MCUs in simultaneous operation
  • Unique dedicated microcomputer and communication channel per each dispenser
  • True multi-brand controller, each pump can be of any supported brand
  • Firmware based rollover. Record of the last 16,000 transactions, over 1 million write cycles
  • All electronic components are industrial rated for high temperature operation up to 85 C
  • 100% Modular, expansion capability for futures upgrades
  • In-site user reparable by replacing the affected module with no tools needed
  • LCD to monitor the fueling points activity in real time
  • Fanless design to keep pollution from collecting on the electronics preventing long term damage
  • 100% electrically floating architecture with total electric and galvanic isolation:
  • All the channels to the pumps
    – All the channels to the pumps among themselves
    – All the channels to the POSs
    – All the channels to the POSs among themselves
  • Advanced multistage lightning protection syste
  • Ultra-fast electronic fuse that activates faster than the melting time of a conventional fuse
  • Overvoltage operation up to 300VAC for normal functioning
  • Full battery operation for overvoltage and partial battery for under-voltage conditions

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